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About Us

Welcome to AdKing

AdKing givs an stable opportuinity to generate revenue to publishers and advertisers.

We have very simple and easy method for publishers to monetize their content and for advertisers to reach targeted customers. AdKing provides many kinds of ad formats that you can choose from. Some of our ad formats are different from other ad formats.

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Being a publisher you are at the right place to generate to monetize your website and blog. Here your content is ready to generate revenue from the first day of your joining our publisher program. As a publisher you no need to worry about. Because you:

  • No need to worry about clicks to generate revenue.
  • Start earning from the first day for page views only.
  • Have double opportuinity to earn money firstly on total ad views and secondly on unique views.
  • Have also an opportuinity to earn bonus amount depending on your performance.
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Being an advertiser you are at the right place as an advertiser of AdKing. You no need to worry about fraud clicks. At the AdKing will pay only for valid clicks and ad views. So don't wait for others, create your account for FREE and start promoting your products and services.

  • You no need to worry about fraud clicks, Because publishers are paid for page views not for clicks. So you get 100% result from the ad click.
  • You can start advertising from your low budget.
  • You have a great opportuinity to advertise with our test plan for FREE with one month validity.
  • You can find different types of advertisement options.
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Payment Options

We have wide range of payment options. Minimum cashouts and payment processing fees may apply. Get your payment when you reach to your minimum amount $20. Please contact us directly for more information about payment and fees.

  • Quick Payment
  • Low Processing Fee
  • Best Support
  • Best Account Management